2550 Mission Street
Open 7 days a week
Tim League,  Alamo Drafthouse Theater



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General: $
Child/Senior/Disabled: $
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This historic theater was renovated by the Alamo Drafthouse, an Austin, TX-based theater operator. Founder Tim League announced the project in a blog post in February 2012, after the project was listed on the  San Francisco Historic Preservation Committee agenda. The Drafthouse offers a full dinner and bar with showings, and are famous for their cell phone policy (video). 

"San Francisco, while technically the Alamo’s 22nd location, is also at the chain’s vanguard right now. And it’s got some work to do to establish itself in a city whose film community already has its local arthouses. Thankfully, the same technology that has so disrupted our media consumption—there are far fewer movie tickets sold nowthan there were in 2002 and in that time myriad new ways to stay at home and stream have emerged—has created jobs and dollars that have flooded San Francisco. In other words, the city isn’t wanting for young, affluent people who are willing to spend a few extra bucks to be able to drink at the movies." wired magazine

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