Nirav Tolia is the CEO of Nextdoor.

In 2014 he was sentenced to 30 days in jail for a hit-and-run where he hit another driver while driving and fled the scene. It was initially felony and then was knocked down to a misdemeanor. However he will probably avoid actually going to jail:

"Instead, he'll complete the 30-day sentence through a weekend work program, where he will "put in eight- or 10-hour days doing paper pickups, washing school graffiti," said San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Tolia's charge was reduced because of Tolia's background and his side of the story, Wagstaffe said.

"His defense attorneys gave us a full background on what this guy is, what he's done, how he's a pretty community-oriented person, and that's something," Wagstaffe said. "And his description of what occurred … He didn't know he had a duty to call in, as opposed to someone who said, 'I knew I screwed up and was trying to get away.'"" [Forbes]

He has a history of other lawsuits:

"Tolia is currently dealing with allegations that he stole trade secrets and infringed on trademark in order to form Nextdoor. And, in 2004, his former cofounders sued Tolia and others for a "pre-conceived scheme" that allegedly defrauded them out of $250 million." [Valleywag]


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