This course is to utilize the latest features included in Oracle Database 11g Release

2.It therefore takes advantage of the latest enhancements to the RMAN interface and explains the newest features available. All code examples and architectural explanations are based on the 11gR2 release of RMAN.

If you are still using earlier versions of Oracle and RMAN (Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle Database 10g) this Course will still be helpful, as a way to familiarize yourself with RMAN and its role in any high availability or disaster recovery solution. The topics are approached in a format that allows each complex, slowly working forward from principles, to setup, to backups, and then beyond backups to advanced functionality and practices. It gives an important conceptual understanding of RMAN and how it does that mojo that it does. Some parts are dedicated to setting up RMAN for initial usage. We cover all possible RMAN configuration options. Then, we discuss the integration with a media manager, the layer that allows you to write your backups directly to a tape device.