The San Francisco Giants are the Major League Baseball team for San Francisco, California. The team plays at AT&T Park and is located at 24 Willie Mays Plaza. Park is reachable by car, BART and then walking or transferring to Muni.


San Francisco Giants originally played in New York City and moved to San Francisco in 1957. Games were played at Seal Stadium for first 2 years until Candlestick Park was ready in 1960. In 2000 Giants moved to their current stadium.


In 2010 the Giants won the world series and the city threw a parade on November 3, 2010.

Parade BannerMadison BumgarnerConfetti everywhere



June 13, 2012 pitcher Matt Cain threw a prefect game.

Giants won a second World Series and  defeated Detroit Tigers in 4 games out of a best of 7 game series. Victory Parade held on October 31, 2012.


Crowd waiting for paradeLone Dodger fan

Rooftop viewWatching from window ledgeParade starts

Go Cars!

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