This entry is about the San Francisco Housing Market (ie, if you want to buy a place - not rent).

The short story

It's crazy!

  • Crazy bidding wars abound. We've even got a hot new word: "overbid madness."
  • "with the exception of a few San Francisco neighborhoods, [the housing market] has now surpassed both the early 1990s dot-com boom and the run-up to the 2008 crash. Prices have climbed 33 percent since 2011, with many neighborhoods exceeding that." [SF Chronicle]
  • SF is the least affordable housing market for people with a middle class income. [CurbedSF]
  • The Bay Area has the tightest housing market in the country meaning that the ratio of people who want to buy to available houses being sold is the craziest. [San Jose Mercury News]

If you do want to buy a home

Chances are that you probably can't. But if you're interested in learning more about it, CurbedSF has lots of guides and informative articles explaining all the ins-and-outs.