San Francisco, our little bastion of health consciousness, tries hard to remind us about the risks of smoking, yet for one reason or another a ton of people still do it.


Smoke shops

Centered mostly in the Haight and the Mission are a ton of stores where one can buy smokeables like cigarettes, cloves, cigars, and tobacco, as well as smoking tools such as lighters, rolling papers, pipes and .... water pipes.

Indoor smoking

Almost every business, including bars, bans indoor smoking. Almost. Some bars have circumvented this law by operating as a co-op, where all of the employees are owners. The law is intended to protect employees from being subjected to a perpetually smoky environment, and in a cooperatively owned establishment, this situation is eliminated. Others simply eat the fines. Below is a list of establishments to check out — or avoid.


The Castro
The Sunset
The Tenderloin

Also, though Zeitgeist (in the Mission) doesn't allow smoking inside, there's a huge backyard where pretty much everyone hangs out anyway.