The San Francisco Bay Area is in the midst of a housing crisis. While this housing crisis is particularly acute now, the conditions that gave rise to the present crisis have been decades in the making. Many SF Bay Area cities refuse to build enough houses to meet the need for housing. Many cities in the South Bay have been among the worst offenders, as they approve significant office construction, without approving housing construction. Given that there is no effective regional governance in the Bay Area, San Francisco residents have been unable to compel South Bay cities to build their fair share of housing. The following policy ideas are intended to permit San Franciscans to pressure South Bay cities to build more housing.


Ban South Bay Shuttles until regional housing needs are met

Golden Gate Bridge Tolls

  • SF appoints 9 or 19 Gold Gate Bridge Commissioners.
  • Marin is not in the South Bay, but they should help pay for the negative social effects of private automobile usage in San Francisco.

Organize SF and Oakland Activists to attend Planning Commission and other meetings in South Bay cities.

Congestion pricing



Eye-catching infographics on jobs/housing ratio posted around Palo Alto and Stanford campus (e.g. Caltrain stations)