3033 24th Street
(415) 826-8116
not likely
Payment Method
cash, credit
free with purchase

Taqueria Vallarta is a taqueria on 24th Street. They have a taco bar up near the entrance that's separate from the other ordering area. You might be able to get tacos at both.

Their vertical sign, meant to read 'Taqueria' on the left and 'Vallarta' on the right, has been missing the E/A panel since at least 2006, but possibly for a very very long time. Someone ought to pull together a relief fund to fix that thing up. The color of the missing panel, be it green, white, red, or any other color, is unknown.

While we're daydreaming, it would also be better for their sign to be one panel taller, so all the letters would fit. Maybe there's some citywide max sign height ordinance they'd be pushing, though.

The interior is covered wall to wall with murals, involving indigenous peoples, sports teams, or combinations thereof.

missionmission: The Mural in Taqueria Vallarta is Batshit Insane

many of the murals at Vallarta are completely ridiculous

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2010-01-11 23:16:57   I really don't care for their nachos. The chips are really thin. —TravisGrathwell