"Dan is in sales at a start-up. But turns out, he meant to confuse me. Dan says he consciously dresses like an engineer to fit in and to win the trust of engineers." [marketplace.org]You may see people on the street wearing tech hoodies. At this point it's the cliche uniform of the tech employee. Many companies give their employees hoodies with their logo on it upon employment.

I guess people credit Mark Zuckerberg with starting the hoodie craze, but people were wearing hoodies before zuck.

The most typical color for a tech hoodie is gray (part of the neutral/earth-tone-heavy palette popular in San Franciscans).

Taking tech hoodies to the next level (and I guess in a show of how much discretionary $ they have), GitHub gives new employees hoodies that have their GitHub username on the sleeve.

Madame Tussauds wax Mark Zuckerberg. Note hoodie. [source]

Why hoodies?

Cuz it's cold! You need layers!


The show Silicon Valley has stuff about hoodies in it.



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