The Richmond is a neighborhood north of Golden Gate Park and south of the Presidio, coming to an end somewhere around Stanyan Street on the eastern edge and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The neighborhood's main street is Geary Boulevard, but the heart and soul is Clement Street.

The district is mostly residential, with many restaurants and retail shops as well. It's divided into two neighborhoods — Inner Richmond and Outer Richmond — separated in the middle by Park Presidio Avenue. The Richmond, along with The Sunset, are home to some of the highest concentration of Chinese Americans, higher than Chinatown. This also makes The Richmond a haven for some of the best, most authentic Chinese food of all styles, from Cantonese to Szechuan, from Shanghainese to Hakka, from Taiwanese to Hong Kong-style. Although you can find great restaurants throughout the neighborhood, many of them are concentrated along Clement Street in the Inner Richmond.

Unlike The Sunset, which is comparable in size and longitude, The Richmond is not served with a Muni streetcar. However, several bus lines go through The Richmond, most prominently the 38, which goes along Geary. 

The Richmond was home to the Black House, a victorian once owned by Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. The house is where he performed many rituals.

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