The Secret Alley (TSA) is a collaborative creative artspace, which holds art studios, artist workshop, and hosts a variety of people. Founded in the winter of 2005, the original four founders including Ariel Dovas, Cody Frost, Matt Lightner, and Noel Von Joo, began converting the empty second-floor of a building in San Francisco's Mission District into an unforgettable epicenter of untethered creativity and collaboration,

With the help of many family and friends, the four built a living miniature city inside the space - with grassy hills, floor-to-ceiling trees, brick walls, graffiti, and a "dilapidated" decor. Each building was an office; the common space was a park. The Diner was where the four and friends would gather nightly, over drinks and burritos, to discuss plans and plots, aesthetics and philosophy, art, music, film, and life. The Secret Alley celebrated it's 10-year anniversary by opening the newly build downstairs gallery, The Galallery, with a retrospective art show and installation - featuring early concept sketches, journal entries, photographs, process notes, and video from the early days of TSA.

Beginning in 2011, TSA hosted American Tripps, a Berlin-style ping pong event. These events were somewhat regular at TSA for quite a while. The last at TSA was in 2012. TSA is currently the home of the online radio station called, Vibrant Films, Doc Pop, and many more.  

The Secret Alley became a non-profit in 2017, with the mission is to broaden the collective impact of San Francisco artists and arts-driven businesses by creating immersive studio environments that inspire imagination, foster collaboration, and strengthen our bonds with audiences.