The US Bank Building. Photo September 2010 by Telstar Logistics, CC-BY-NC.

The US Bank Building, sometimes referred to as the Bay View Federal building, is located at 2601 Mission Street at 22nd Street in the Mission.  It's notable for being the tallest building in the mission.

The building was constructed in 1963 as the home of Bay View Federal.  It's currently home to a US Bank branch, and bears the US Bank iconography outside.  The building was designed by FTM Associates (Robert Fischer, Chas Bassett, and Shigeo Miyamoto).  The building sits atop a series of structural columns, and is surrounded by a metal mesh screen featuring a pattern of an eagle in flight (apparently the logo of Bay View Federal way back when).

There's a beautiful photograph of a model (?) of the building on flickr over here.


Someone paint-balled the side of the building and the paint stains have been there for years now (at least from 2010 until 2014).

Paint ball stains. Photo Sep 2010 CC-BY-NC by Telstar Logistics

Cool metal mesh outside

The building is surrounded by a metal mesh in the shape of an eagle. Photo Sep 2010 by Telstar Logistics, CC-BY-NC.

Awesome views

View from the penthouse. Photo Sep 2010 by Telstar Logistics, CC-BY-NC.View from the top. Photo Sep 2010 by Telstar Logistics, CC-BY-NC.

A couch at the top, Sep 2010. Photo by Telstar Logistics, CC-BY-NC.Looking down Mission Street from the top of the building. Photo Sep 2010 by Telstar Logistics CC-BY-NC.

Control room

A view of the control room. Photo 2007 by Telstar Logistics, CC-BY-NC.


A video of someone taking the US Bank building elevator:


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The building was the former (or current?) home to, which occupied the 3rd floor.  It was the former home to the TypeKit offices, before they were acquired by Adobe.

In 1999, when the Mission Library was being remodeled, the building was the temporary home of the Mission Library.

In 2000, at the height of the first dot-com boom, it was home to, which had 150 employees spread across five floors of the building.  Prior to housing in 2000, the building was home to the Mission Economic Development Association and the SF Children's Council.

Cell phone transmitters

Several cell phone transmitters can be seen on the side of the building. Photo June 2014. Compared to the Sep 2010 photo on this page, there's several more transmitters present.

As the US Bank building is the tallest building in the mission, it's home to a bunch of cell phone transmitters.


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