The issue of inclusivity and women in tech is a big topic in the Bay Area seeing as how technology does indeed appear to be taking over the world and there might be some concern about who gets to be a part of making that world.

Are you a woman who is working in technology, programming, and science? Please share what you know and resources for others.

Groups working on issues relating to women in tech

Learning and getting started in tech fields

Are you a woman who is interested in learning more about technology, programming, and science? Perhaps you've heard of this thing called the internet and want to help make it. There are many ways to get started doing all of these things!


Hackerspaces are social spaces for sharing skills and equipment. Since inclusivity has become such a large part of the discussion in the Bay Area tech community, hackerspaces in this area are often thinking about these issues with a number of them having explicit commitments to inclusivity.


While you should under no circumstances be ashamed of being a newcomer at a general meetup and should 100% expect (and demand) being treated like a human being at these events, there are also a number of regular events organized by and for women.

Online learning resources

  • CodeAcademy
  • Tips for learning how to be software programmers article written by women who were in Dev Bootcamp
  • Many programming languages and open source projects have channels on IRC (a chat room service) where people literally just hang out in chatrooms helping each other learn programming. Additionally, groups like PyLadies also have their own IRC channels (aka chatrooms) where you can ask the same kinds of questions as you would in the Python channel.



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