199 Valencia Street , at Duboce Avenue
9:00 am - 2:00am everyday
(415) 255-7505
Payment Method
Cash only

Zeitgeist is a bar that's popular with bikers, cyclists, drinkers, smokers and stoners. Customers can enjoy local beers and mixed drinks in Zeitgeist's fabulous backyard, which is often crowded during the warmer months. It's huge and filled with rows and rows and rows of picnic tables! Zeitgeist is worth checking out during the daytime. It's an especially fun place to bring a group of friends but get there early to find a spot to sit.

The kitchen is open  has kick-ass hamburgers, veggieburgers, brats, grilled cheese sandwiches and portabello burgers..all come with your choice of home fries or cole slaw.

Photography and video is not allowed at Zeitgeist— though taking photos of your friends or the murals, signs etc. is OK. This is for the privacy of the patrons.


2008-02-13 10:59:10   I'm curious about the photo fascism Arlen - what happened? —PatrickProctor

They will harass you if they see you photographing anything other than a group of friends. I guess only tight shots of people's faces are ok. —ArlenAbraham

2010-04-26 11:46:02   Follow the White Rabbit and be part of the rucus: We all love and have our issues with Zeitgeist - let's do something about it!

Facebook Zeit Guy zeit-guide.blogspot.com —

2010-05-16 09:25:55   We got harassed for any photography - and it was just photos of us/friends. They seem to be entirely anti-camera, now. —Yell

I came here on 9-28-2011 and I was amazed with their wide selection of beer. I checked out the backyard and it was pack with people enjoying beer and company. I hope to come back again. -SimonFung