What are current architectural forms and landscaping methods that make up San Francisco State's core campus and surrounding campus communities?

- San Francisco State is placed roughly 3 miles away from ocean beach, angled at a Northwest/South East position for the main campus.

- Most of the buildings within the campus core, have preserved a modernistic approach using natural elements as steel, concrete, glass and wood to construct most buildings throughout the campus core. 

-  The landscape of SFSU you can consider it being divided it 4 quadrants. Each section including elements of nature such as trees, varying species of bushes and grasses. But most importantly the layout of this campus enables for thousands of students to flow within and around the campus. 

 SFSU Color Coded QuadrantsSFSU and The Relative Landscape/RegionSFSU and Surrounding Campus Communities


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What are Future Plans for San Francisco State Universities architecture throughout the campus core and surrounding communities

- Plans according to San Francisco State's Planning + Design Department intends to develop new landscaping methods and numerous energy efficient, self sufficient buildings throughout the campus. Their approach is based around the idea of environmental friendly design and spaces that can effectively produce their own energy for other sections within the campus. 

  SFSU PLANS FOR 2035                      SFSU PLANS FOR 2035 



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