Location: On campus in front of the gymnasium

Hours: outdoor viewing/ 24 hours

Website: https://www.artandarchitecture-sf.com/tag/buckeye-and-the-benches


The original “Buckeye and the benches” was actually designed by the Chancellor at Oxford University from 1506-1532 and this idea was so ahead of that time that his revolutionary plan lay dormant for almost 400 years. But the young artist William Wareham was in a library looking in book and searching for his name but Wareham had an amazing idea and he decided on take on the impressive task of making this sculpture come to life with his combination and impressive skills and forward thinking, Wareham created a sculpture unlike anything seen before and with this sculpture he made it with using recycled steel as his primary material. But the problem that happen next is that a lot of many people rejected his sculpture but some artist were admired and Wareham donated his sculpture back when San Francisco state university was names San Francisco state normal school and this sculptor is still there today in SFSU outside in front of the gymnasium and I sometime go to this place because it makes me relax and jolly and exciting feeling to the space and how good the sculpture looks.


Tags: sculpture/ sfsu / relax/ life


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