Central Americans for Empowerment aka (C.A.F.E)

Location: Burk Hall 311, Cesar Chavez Student Center T-160, T-117, & C131-B

Hours: By appointment (BH311), Wednesdays @ 3:30pm (T-160), Mon @12pm & Thurs @6pm (T-117)

Website url: gcoe.sfsu.edu, latino.sfsu.edu

Email: eurania@sfsu.edu, larazasfsu@gmail.com

Phone: 415.338.1497, 415.338.1937, 415.338.1657

Summary Central Americans for Empowerment aka (C.A.F.E) is a club that was formed campus to create a safe space for Central American students. MECHxA and La Raza are also Latinx student organization that advocate for the Latinx community as well as they create a safe space for Latinx students on campus.

Although there are a couple Latinx based clubs and organizations, SFSU does not have a resource center for Latinx students available 24/7, some of these clubs only have access to their rooms during the times that they have their meetings and these are student based clubs. Therefore, the helo is not always available.

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Campus map with location: map of main campus with post it notes to direct person where to go.

Photos/graphics: image 1 – C.A.F.E Logo 

Image 2 Mechxa