What is Community Service Learning (CSL)?  Community engagement pedagogy or “service learning,” combines learning objectives and community service to enhance both student growth and the common good. CSL is thought to originate from the Black Panther Party that combined "survival programs" such as free food and medical care for members of oppressed communities with the critical analysis of social conditions or political education of its members.

Black Panther Party combining service and education in Oakland, California.

Benefits of CSL

  • Enhances academic learning when students apply their classroom education to the field.
  • Helps students to clarify their career/life goals and acquire work-related skills.
  • Develops a heightened sense of civic responsibility and awareness of moral and ethical issues.
  • Provides students a wide variety of work options that add value for the community they serve.
  • Evidence on how it affects all students at SFSU

CSL courses at SFSU More than 150 SFSU courses offer a Community Service Learning (CSL) option. Here is a current list: http://bulletin.sfsu.edu/resources/community-service-learning/

Scholarships: https://icce.sfsu.edu/ces-csl-reports 

The Institute for Civic & Community Engagement (ICCE) Service learning activities are coordinated by the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE).

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