Edward Said Mural  جدارية تكريما للمفكر إدوارد سعيد                       

Palestinian Cultural Mural,  Honoring Dr.Edward Said (1935-2003)

Located: Cesar Chavez Student Center, SF State University

Inaugurated: November 2nd, 2007

Lead Artists: Fayeq Oweis & Susan Greene 


 Who was Edward Said?

Edward Said (Born November 1, 1935, Jerusalem- died September 25, 2003, New York, U.S.) Was a Palestinian American educator, writer, philosopher, thinker, scholar, civil and human rights activist. He attended Princeton University where he received his B.A., 1957. Then Harvard University (M.A.. 1960; Ph.D., 1964). where he specialized in English literature. He had joined the faculty of Columbia University in 1963, as a lecturer in English. Then was later promoted to assistant professor of English and Comparative literature. He released his first book, Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of Autobiography, which was an expansion of his doctoral thesis in 1966. Said was soon promoted to full professor in 1969 and in 1978 he published his best-known work, Orientalism. It is known to be one of the most influential scholarly  books of the 20th Century.  


The Edward Said Mural was organized by student members of AMED (Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative). The mural is the first of its kind on any American University campus, it was designed to express and represent many issues and experiences of the Palestinian and Arab culture. It became a symbol of quality, honor and respect for the Arab and Muslim communities at SFSU.    


AMED: https://amed.sfsu.edu/content/more-about-amed


Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

E-mail: amedstaf@sfsu.edu

Phone: (415) 405-2668

Address: 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132

Room: EP 425


Edward Said Scholarship

In honor of Said, The Edward  Said Scholarship was established by SF State Alumnus Allam El Qadah, which is open to undergraduate and grad students of Arab and Muslim ethnicities India’s Boris studies who demonstrate outstanding academic and community service records.

Scholarship criteria and application: