Location: Student Services Building (SSB) Room 403 (4th Floor)

Hours: M-F 10:00am to 3:00pm

Website: https://basicneeds.sfsu.edu/be-good-neighbor-feed-gator

Email: BasicNeeds@sfsu.edu   dos@sfsu.edu

Phone: (415)338-1203    (415)338-3888


The  Program otherwise known as Be a Good Neighbor, Feed a Gator is a meal sharing program in which students in dire need of food can obtain free meals on campus through City Eats Dining Hall. This is in part to donations from students, faculty, staff and community members. This as well as a partnership with Swipe out Hunger. Each student has the ability to receive three meal cards per semester which hold 10 meals on them and can only be used at city eats.


This program is another way Sf state has found ways to help those in need as they continue to strive for academic success. I believe that this is a great resource that many are extremely unfamiliar with and really do not know about. When fully Utilized this gives students about 30 meals in total to have at City Eats for free and comes as a great addition to the various resources the campus has to offer. It is highly recommended that students use this program whenever they can and are experiencing food insecurity.