Summary of Services

If you’re looking for help on your enrollment for classes or even help on finding what classes are available you’ve come to the right place. At the Student Services building you can find help for many things such as, housing, academic probation, class schedule, pay your fees, and student resources like your transcripts and other things. The Class Schedule help and registration guides help guide you through registration.

Location: Student Services Building 

Hours: Weekdays 7am-5pm 


Phone: (415)338-2350



Make sure you talk to the correct people or they will have you going back and forth. For example, I had my AP scores sent from high school in July of 2018 and they weren’t put into my transcript until February of 2020, which is a long time. Another thing is to use the Class Schedule feature that the university offers, it makes it easy to set up your classes and check if there are still classes open. If you want to join a different class after the school year has started you can go to the class and ask the teacher if there is still spots open and they may give you a permission number. 

Class Schedule link :