There are many performance spaces on campus that facilitate the amazing creative works of the students of San Francisco State University, here are a list of some of them along with a brief description of each. The range from smaller movie theatres to massive theatres with facilities to cater to an entire production company.

Creative Arts Building:

Mckenna Theatre - 701 seat auditorium that is used by the theatre department.

- Brown Bag Theatre - 55 seat black box theatre used by the Brown Bag Theatre Company.

- Studio Theatre - Recently renovated theatre used by many different performance art classes.

- Knuth Hall - 320 seat theatre within the creative arts building.

- Little Theatre - 218 seat theatre used primarily by the Creative Arts Department


Caesar Chavez Student Center

The Depot - A student run venue underneath the Caesar Chavez Student Center.


Fine Arts Building

August Coppola Theatre - A theatre primarily used for movie screenings within the Fine Arts Building.


Elsewhere on Campus

- Annex One - A large multi-purpose space on the North-Western end of campus.



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