“Gator Spirit Statue"

Designer:        Emeritus Leonard Hunter

Sculptor:         Ilaman Sabirov

Materials:        Bronze 

Location:         On campus in front of the Don Nasser Family Plaza.

1600 Holloway Ave

San Francisco, CA 94132

Hours:             24 hours / outdoor viewing       

Website:          https://alumni.sfsu.edu/content/gator-spirit-statue

Email:              alumni@sfsu.edu

Phone:             (415) 338-2217

The “Gator Spirit Statue” was designed by Emeritus Leonard Hunter. Hunter was a professor of art and sculpture at SF State until he retired in 2006. Hunter worked with sculptor, Ilaman Sabirov on the project. They collaborated in the past on sculptures at SF State. This ten-foot bronzed statue is located in front of the Don Nasser Family Plaza on campus. The purpose of the statue is to promote school spirit. The gator is hovering over a globe that contains bands listing SF State’s values. Social justice, equity and excellence are a few of the attributes listed.

 The “Gator Spirit Statue” is on display 24 hours for viewing. If you want to leave your imprint you can purchase an engraved plaque for $200. The plaque will be permanently adhered to the pedestal of the statue. You can include your name, memorialize a friend or family member or recognize a professor. The statue embodies SF State’s values and spirit! You can email or call the SF State Alumni Association for more information.