Hermanas Unidas

Location: Malcolm X Plaza (currently having zoom meetings)

Hours: Vary depending on location and meeting

Website: https://hermanasunidasdesfsu.wixsite.com/haudesfsu/historia / https://hermanasunidasinc.com / https://www.instagram.com/hau_de_sfsu/?hl=en 

Email: sfsu.cochair1@hauchapters.com

Hermanas Unidas (HAU) is an organization  that serves the purpose of reaching out to the Chicana and Latina community and provides resources as well as a family networking system through the avenues provided by the three pillars which are; academics, community service, and collegial networking. This organization unites and supports Latina’s that have chosen to pursue a higher degree.  

Hermanas Unidas has many events such as mental health day, Hermana week, community service day and many more that emphasize Hermanidad and unites Latina’s together. Hermanas Unidas SFSU is part of the 18 chapters of Hermanas Unidas Incorporated which is a statewide non-profit organization.

Example of Events they hold

Location of Meetings   Logo of HAU