Counseling services- SFSU Office of Residential Counseling

Location: Mary Ward Hall (800 Font Blvd.)

Hours:  Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Website url:


Phone: (415) 338-1067

After Hours: On duty student leaders and full time staff available (415) 405-9360

If there is police, fire or medical emergency (415) 338-2222


The Residential Life Counseling provides counseling to students who live on campus and those who are dealing with problems on campus. Problems that most students talk about with the residential counselor are anxiety, homesickness, adjusting to college, grief and loss and many more problems that students face. There are group counseling sessions and one on one sessions. 


They email back within 24 hours, Walk ins are welcome, anytime within the hours listed above. Email and phone are best if you want to set an appointment for a specific time to speak with a counselor. They offer helpful resources to make sure that everyone gets their questions answered. 


Note for on campus housing: It is also helpful to talk to your residential assistant (RA) on your floor. They are also very helpful with everything including homesickness. They can provide you to the right step to going to a counselor and the best way to get in touch with a counselor right away. 


Review: Resources were all there but I felt like it wasn't as welcoming as we thought it would be.