“Jabulani” is a Zulu word. In English, it translates to “Rejoice.” At SFSU, the Jabulani Black Association uses it to represent a Black Graduation Ceremony. Because Black people are underrepresented in many areas of society, including in academia, the ceremony is used as a way to bring awareness and to rejoice in the achievements of Black students of any degree level, including Baccalaureate, Masters and Doctorate graduates. 

ALL Black graduates are encouraged to REJOICE in their achievements and join this special graduation ceremony. 

Contact Information: https://africana.sfsu.edu/


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sfstatejabulani/

There is no Jabulani page at SFSU, but if you have questions we encourage you to reach out to the Africana Studies department in the College of Ethnic Studies directly. Also, the Jabulani Facebook page is very responsive. Please feel free to reach out directly. 

Jabulani Celebrations at SFSU