La Raza Unida Organization 

Location: Cesar Chavez Student Center C131-B

Hours: Not available at the moment, due to COVID. Until next school semester!


Email: , Advisor: Eurania Lopez, email:

Phone:  (510) 940-6122 , (415) 338-1937

Summary: La Raza Unida Organization serves many students to have unity and a welcoming community. It helps students embrace where they come from and give guidance to students in having tutors and bringing new ideas for fundraising events. The organization motives active students to take action in the enforcement in the Latino community on campus. In the organizations, L.A.S.O(Latin American Student Organization) and M.A.S.C(Mexican American Student Consideration) have had the support and outcome of many students on campus that brings unity and one united voice.

Students obtain tutoring and mentoring. As well as take part in fundraising for events such as dance, and social gathering/mixers, festivals, and any other club activities. The organization embraces unity and diversity in a Latino/a community on campus, and it embraces social justice as well.

Their availability depends on the students who are part of the organizations due to their class schedules. Therefore, they are not always available at all times. 

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