Students have access to centers that help connect people with their mental and physical selves as a form of healing from the stress of everyday life, through counseling/psychological services, meditation, holistic health, wellness, massages, & etc. Health Promotion and Wellness is one of the major centers for addressing a holistic and proactive approach to health, through workshops, clinics, etc. The Student Health Center is the primary on-campus center for students looking for help with their health. 
There are many recreation options in the general vicinity of campus, with a soccer field, a track, and a number of walking paths. There are also numerous parks close by that offer a nice place to walk, hike, jog, or take a moment to breathe (see: Lake Merced, Ocean Beach, Stern Grove). The most notable recreation spot on campus is the Mashouf Wellness Center, which closed its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access to the Mashouf gym is included in tuition.

COVID-19 Resources:

SFSU provides many resources to maintain a healthy mind and body.  These resources have transitioned to a remote setting during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now students have access to online exercise classes, remote pre-recorded massage video, and telehealth counseling and wellness visits.

There are many online classes, programs, and workshops throughout the day through the Mashouf Wellness Center.  Students can pick which fit best for their schedule and sign up for no cost.  After signing up students will receive a confirmation through their student email and a link to access the class, program, or workshop.  Telehealth visits for counseling and all health concerns can be scheduled through the Student Health Center.

Student Health Center Temporary Hours of Operation:

Map of Student Health Center

                     4/7 - 5/1/2020

                     M-T-TH-F 9am - 12 noon & 1pm - 4pm

                    Closed WED & 12-1 pm M,T,Th,F

Phone: (415) 338 - 1251

Location: Mashouf Wellness Center

Location: 755 Font Blvd., San Francisco, CA - 94132

Hours: [Currently Closed until further notice]

               Regular Hours: 
                          M-F 6am - Midnight
                           Sat 10am - 9pm
                           Sun 10am - Midnight 


Phone: (415) 405 - WELL (9355)


Virtual Programs, Fitness, and Workshops.




Holistic Health Learning Center

Stress Prevention