Race and Resistance Studies is one of the schools that falls under the College of Ethnic Studies. The goal of Race and Resistance Studies is to develop knowledge in regard to the multiple histories and cultures of minority communities within, and outside, of the United States and how they understand and resist white domination. The studies use an interdisciplinary approach to examine the political, social, economic of race and resistance alongside the cultural exhibits of humanistic expression such as literature and music. The main goal of the classes that fall under Race and Resistance Studies is how to understand, and challenge, racist power and domination. 

Race and Resistance studies offers a BA major alongside four minors in Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diaspora, Critical Pacific Islands and Oceania Studies, Queer Ethnic Studies, and Race & Resistance Studies. The school regularly offers chances for students to work with social justice movements and in conjunction with various groups to further learning and understanding.

Location: Ethnic Studies and Psychology Building

Website: Welcome to Race and Resistance Studies | Race and Resistance Studies (sfsu.edu)

Phone(415) 338-1693

Email: resist@sfsu.edu

Office Hours (Department Chair): Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm