Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) & Advising Hub

The Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC)  guides freshman during their first year as well as undeclared students at SF state. The UAC will advise students on what course to take, requirements that are needed, such as credits or additional classes for majors, and any other transfer needs before and after admitted to SFSU. The Advising Hub is another resource for students who are transferring later or to a specific major in mind. This resource is perfect to find your major and the contact information of advisers for that specific major.

Transferring students can find a resource center, and guidance to whom to meet with, where, degree planning, graduation process, and policies. The transfer webpage is also a great tool for not just state transfer students, but international students as well.


Location: 1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco CA 94132

 Website: https://future.sfsu.edu/admissions/transfers  or https://advisinghub.sfsu.edu/

 Email: outreach@sfsu.edu or find a major advisor at the Advising Hub

 Phone: (425) 338-2101


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