Dream Resource Center (DRC) (And General Help)


Location: Student Services Building, Suite 206

Hours: M-F, 9am-5pm (although currently via remote appointment only due to COVID-19)


Email: drc@sfsu.edu

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sfsudrc

Summary of the DRC

The DRC was established in 2017 to help the growing population of undocumented or “mixed status” students at SFSU, regardless of their legal status. The DRC’s mission statement is to encourage “personal growth through participation in interactive programming and workshops”. They also provide leadership and professional opportunities year round, as well as helping students connect with legal support and financial aid programs. The existence of the DRC is a reminder that, especially in San Francisco, no human is “illegal”. San Francisco is a sanctuary city, meaning that local police are instructed to not cooperate with ICE and the residents of the city certainly agree with this approach.

Other Resources for Undocumented Students

In addition to the DRC, there are many resources available to undocumented people wanting to make it big in SF. The CSU system, as whole, has a resource page, and the ILD works directly with SFSU to provide legal support. Students can also take advantage of the English tutoring center to aid in english coursework. Additionally, undocumented students are not barred form aid programs such as Gator Groceries, or the many mental health services offered at SFSU. There is a long list of SF based community groups, which can give further financial support to those unable to qualify for other programs such as CalFresh.

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