Sustainable SF state

Phone number: (415) 338-7164

Address: Corporation Yard 202 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132


Resources provided for students:


SFSU has a goal of zero waste by 2020, where SFSU is trying to become a zero-waste campus. Some steps SFSU has taken to achieve the goal is having a list specifically for how to dispose of items in each of the 17 categories, and sustainability maps to show where to dispose waste for some of the categories listed. SFSU also provides a 3-bin system for recycle, compost and landfill as well as a link on the sustainable SF state website to the San Francisco Department of the Environment for a guide on how to determine which bin the waste belongs in. SFSU also collects grease from kitchens to send to the San Francisco Greasecycle program where they recycle the grease and turns it into biodiesel. 


The SFSU waste system is very helpful for SFSU to achieve it's goal of zero waste by 2020. The sustainable sf state page provides a lot of information to students who want to be apart of producing zero waste  by having guides for how to dispose of many categories of items, guides for donations, and links to different programs SFSU is working with to make zero waste possible.