Corydon Apartments, 734 and 736 West Princess Anne Road  (1919-Present)



The apartment building was owned and built for Corydon Mercer Baylor in 1919.  The building’s name is the first name of Corydon M Baylor.  It was built the same time as its sister building, Mercer Apartments at 740 and 742 West Princess Anne Road.


Street Address:

 736 Armistead Bridge Road (1919)

 736 Armistead Avenue (1920-1924)

 736 West Princess Anne Road (1924-19xx)

 734 and 736 West Princess Anne Road (19xx-Present)

Name (Original)

 Corydon Apartments

Name (Also Known As)



 Philip B. Moser (Norfolk, VA)


 Johnson Construction Corporation (Norfolk, VA)

Architectural Style


Cost (Original)

 $ 40,000

Construction Date:

 Apr to July 1919

Opening Date:


Demolition Date:



 36.865641, -76.298269

Norfolk City GPIN:



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Box 21 Control Number: folder: 276   Apartment on Armistead Bridge Road for C. M. Baylor - Permit Number: 10296-10297, Address: 732-738 Princess Anne Rd., 1919  Media: Blueprints; Sheets: 9; Tag Number: 1940-80;  Drawn by: Philip B. Moser, Architect, 702 Law Building, Norfolk, Va.; Contractor: Johnson Construction Co.; Commissioned by: C. M. Baylor; Notes: Includes three sheets by Alex O. Ferebee, Architect, Norfolk, for alterations to the 4th Floor of the Corydon Apartments, (Permit # 43110), 9/19/1940. Also known as Mercer Apartments.