This monument sits at the intersection of Brambleton Avenue and Church Street.  It is a granite obelisk that is 83 feet tall atop a granite base with a waterfall.  The memorial’s four sides are inscribed with some of Dr. King’s famous quotations.  The placement of the monument is significant due it being the center of the African American community from early 1900s to present.  The stretch of Church Street from East Bute Street to about Goff Street was the business and cultural heart for the Norfolk’s black community as Granby Street and Main Street were for Norfolk’s white community. 

The memorial was proposed back in 1975 by Councilman Joseph A. Jordan, Jr. as symbol of inspiration for young people.  The fundraising for the monument was slow between the intervening years.   A memorial committee in 1997 changed the memorial’s proposed 155-foot height down to 83 feet to cut down on the monument’s cost.   On January 19, 1998, a ground-breaking ceremony was held. Work began in May 1999 with the completion of the work expected by early October 1999 however it was completed in December 1999.  The dedication of the memorial was held on January 17, 2000.  The monument since 2000 has been the site of annual celebration for Dr. King’s birthday.

In October 2020, some of the granite panels on the obelisk had become loose.  The monument will need to be removed to restore it.  Once the repair work is completed, it will be reinstalled on the same site.  The repair work is scheduled to be finished in early 2021. 



  83’ granite obelisk

Street Address:

 701 Church Street, Norfolk, VA 23510 (Approximate)

Name (Original):

 Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument

Name (Also Known As):

 King Memorial, King Monument, MLK Monument,  Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial


 McDonald, Williams, and Bank (Washington DC)

General Contractor:

 Reliable Builders (Norfolk, VA)


 American Steel, Inc.

Architectural Style:


Cost (Original)

 $500,000.00 (1998)

Groundbreaking Date:

 January 19, 1998

Construction Date:

 May 1999

Completion Date:

 December 1999

Dedication Date:

 January 17, 2000


 36.853231, -76.280299




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  •      1998 Architectural Drawings located at City of Norfolk’s Public Works – Design Office