Mercer Apartments, 740 and 742 West Princess Anne Road (1919-Present)



The apartment building was owned and built for Corydon Mercer Baylor in 1919.  The building’s name is the middle name of Corydon M. Baylor.  It was built the same time as its sister building, Corydon Apartments at 736 West Princess Anne Road.


Street Address:

 742 Armistead Bridge Road (1919)

 742 Armistead Avenue (1920-1924)

 742 West Princess Anne Road (1924-19xx)

 740 and 742 West Princess Anne Road (19xx-Present)

Name (Original)

 Mercer Apartments

Name (Also Known As)



 Philip B. Moser (Norfolk, VA)


 Johnson Construction Corporation (Norfolk, VA)

Architectural Style


Cost (Original)

 $ 40,000

Construction Date:

 Apr to July 1919

Opening Date:


Demolition Date:



 36.865778, -76.298518

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             2)    Documents/Collections:

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Box 21 Control Number: folder: 276   Apartment on Armistead Bridge Road for C. M. Baylor - Permit Number: 10296-10297, Address: 732-738 Princess Anne Rd., 1919  Media: Blueprints; Sheets: 9; Tag Number: 1940-80;  Drawn by: Philip B. Moser, Architect, 702 Law Building, Norfolk, Va.; Contractor: Johnson Construction Co.; Commissioned by: C. M. Baylor; Notes: Includes three sheets by Alex O. Ferebee, Architect, Norfolk, for alterations to the 4th Floor of the Corydon Apartments, (Permit # 43110), 9/19/1940. Also known as Mercer Apartments.