By Wm Troy Valos, Special Collections Librarian   (Updated - January 2023)

Norfolk Journal and Guide & New Journal and Guide 



Years Active

Bass, Southall, III 1936 - 1976


Landmark Communications includes The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch, Portsmouth Star, and Ledger-Star

Note: This list is a work in progress.  There will be a lot of missing information at this point as we build up the list of newspaper photographers.




 Years Active


Abourjilie, William "Bill" Virginian-Pilot 1960s - 1990s Staff Photographer
Aiken, Paul A. Virginian-Pilot 1980s-early 1990s, 1991 Staff Photographer
Altares, Jerry     Free-lance photographer
Ballenberg, William "Bill" Virginian-Pilot 1981-1984 Staff Photographer
Bates, Paul Virginian-Pilot 1992 Free-lance photographer
Bergman, Beth Virginian-Pilot 1990s-early 2000 Staff Photographer
Billings, Lisa      Free-lance photographer
Bolen, Harry Virginian-Pilot 1960s-1970s Lab technician 
Borjes, Charles Virginian-Pilot 1913 - 1956 Staff Photographer
Breon, Perry Virginian-Pilot 1960s-1970s Staff Photographer
Brink, Benjamin   late 1980s Intern
Brooks, Eric Virginian-Pilot late 1970s-1980s Free-lance photographer
Burrows, Alex    1997-2007 Director of Photography  1997-2007
Bye, Jim Virginian-Pilot 1970s-1980s Staff Photographer
Carden, Dick      
Clark, Neal V., Jr. Virginian-Pilot 1960s-1982? Staff Photographer, Photo Editor
Colwell, Bruce Virginian-Pilot 1977 Staff Photographer
Cowan, Jane     Intern
Cronis, Vicki Virginian-Pilot 1997-2017 Staff Photographer
Curry, Chris    1990s-2000s Staff Photographer (Worked in Nags Head Bureau)
Cusic, Candice    1996 Intern
Dixson, Cathy Virginian-Pilot   Free-lance Photographer
Dolwick, Raymond Francis Virginian-Pilot 1960s (1965) Staff Photographer
Driehaus, Alex  


Dunston, Richard "Dick" Virginian-Pilot 1970s-1990s Staff Photographer
Earley, Steve Virginian-Pilot 1991-2020 Staff Photographer (1981-1991) Free-lance photographer
Edwards, Dorothy Joanna     Intern
Eich, Matt       Free-lance photographer
Elliott, D. Kevin Virginian-Pilot 1990s Free-lance photographer
Elliott, Jim     Reporter
Facun, Rich Joseph Virginian-Pilot 2012-2015 Staff Photographer 
Fariss, Ed Ledger-Star 1960s-early 1970s Free-lance photographer
Ferrell, Mal   1960s-early 1970s Free-lance photographer
Finley, Dennis Virginian-Pilot 1987-mid 1990s Staff Photographer, Photo editor, later Newspaper Editor
Fitzgerald, Ralph "Rocky" Virginian-Pilot 1980s-1990s Free-lance photographer
Francis, Jamie Virginian-Pilot Late 1980s-1993/4 Staff Photographer
Fryman, Mort Virginian-Pilot 1970s-2008/9 Staff Photographer
Gannaway, Preston Virginian-Pilot 2007-2010 Staff Photographer
Gehman, Raymond "Ray" Virginian-Pilot 1982-1989 Staff Photographer
Gerwein, Harry Pilot's Target Publications   Staff Photographer
Greenwell, Randall "Randy" Virginian-Pilot 2007-2020 Director of Photography, Photo Editor
Griffin, C. W.      Free-lance photographer
Guthrie, Clifton Ledger-Star 1960s-1970s Staff Photographer
Heffner, Mike        Free-lance photographer

Hertweck, Max

Ledger-Star (mostly), Virginian-Pilot (occasionally) 1960s-1970s,  1967 Staff Photographer
Hollingsworth, David Virginian-Pilot 1970s-2008/9 Staff Photographer
Jackson, Lawrence Virginian-Pilot 1990s-2001 Staff Photographer
Jaffe, Louis Virginian-Pilot 1960s Lab Technician
Jennings, Jim  Virginian-Pilot 1970s Staff Photographer
Kasmauski, Karen Virginian-Pilot 1980-1983 Lab Technician (1981), Staff Photographer
Katz, Stephen M. Virginian-Pilot 2004-Present (as of Aug 2022) Staff Photographer
Kelley, Orby Virginian-Pilot 1960s-1970s Staff Photographer
Kelley, William "Bill" Virginian-Pilot 1980s Staff Photographer, Photo editor
Kestner, Michael "Mike" Virginian-Pilot Late 1980s-1990s Staff Photographer (Part-time)
Kim, Hyunsoo Leo Virginian-Pilot 2003- Staff Photographer
Kinmouth, Robert "Rob"  Virginian-Pilot 1981-1984 Staff Photographer
Klebau, Jimmy D.  Ledger-Star 1960s-1970s Staff Photographer
Knapp, Gary Virginian-Pilot 1990s Free-lance photographer
Larson, Chiles Virginian-Pilot early 1970s Staff Photographer and free-lance photographer
Layton, Robin  Virginian-Pilot 1990s Staff Photographer
Lucier, Amanda Virginian-Pilot 2010s Staff Photographer
Lyskowski, Roman Virginian-Pilot 1970s  Staff Photographer
MacDonald, Michele Virginian-Pilot 1984-1991 Staff Photographer
Maddrey, Linwood B.  Ledger-Star 1950s-1970s Staff Photographer
Mann, Harry Cowles Virginian-Pilot 1910s-1922 Free-lance photographer
Mays, James Earle "Jim" Virginian-Pilot 1947-1967 Staff Photographer
McClenny, Joseph T. Ledger-Star 1950s-1988 Staff Photographer
McKeown, Kaitlin Virginian-Pilot 2017-July 2022 Staff Photographer
Meads, Charles Virginian-Pilot 1960s-1990s Staff Photographer, Photo editor
Meyers, Nhat Virginian-Pilot 2000s Staff Photographer
Mitchell, Mark Virginian-Pilot 1970s-1990s Staff Photographer
Nakamura, Motoya Virginian-Pilot 1994-2000/2001 Staff Photographer
Paschang, Chet Ledger-Star 1960s-1970s Staff reporter
Pham, The Virginian-Pilot Feb 2010 - March 2021 Staff Photographer, Photo editor
Price, Tommy Virginian-Pilot 1970s-1984 Staff Photographer
Randolph, William "Bill" IV Virginian-Pilot 1970s Lab Technician, Staff Photographer
Ray, James Robie, Jr.  Virginian-Pilot 1960s-1993 Staff Photographer
Reddick, Christopher Virginian-Pilot 1990s (1991) Staff Photographer
Ringo, Shelby H. "Rocket" Virginian-Pilot 1970s Staff Photographer
Robbins, J. Ledger-Star 1970s-1990s Reporter
Ross, Genevieve Virginian-Pilot 2001-2008 Staff Photographer
Royal, Pamela "Pam" Virginian-Pilot Late 1980s-1993/4 Free-lance photographer
Sheally, John  Virginian-Pilot 1970s-1990s Staff Photographer
Sings in the timber, Adam Virginian-Pilot 2008 Intern
Smith-Rodden, Martin Virginian-Pilot 1988-2020? Staff Photographer
Snider, Bill Ledger-Star 1960s-1970s Reporter
Sprague, Trent Virginian-Pilot June 2021 - December 2021 Intern
Spencer, L. Todd Virginian-Pilot 2000 - Present (as of Aug 2022) Staff Photographer
Stith, Hewlett      
Taylor, Medford "Med" Virginian-Pilot 1970s Staff Photographer
Taylor, Ross Virginian-Pilot 2009-2012 Staff Photographer
Thingtad, Eric Virginian-Pilot 1987-1990? Free-lance photographer

Tiernan, William "Bill"

Virginian-Pilot 1984 - 2017 Staff Photographer
Tyree, Chris Virginian-Pilot 1999-2010 Intern (1999), Staff Photographer
Vaughan, Victor Virginian-Pilot 1990s Lab technician, Free-lance photographer
Vollmer, Harden David Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch November 1917 - 1958 Staff Photographer
Voninski, Tamara


1994-late 1990s Staff Photographer
Walker, Jim "Jimmy" Ledger-Star, Virginian-Pilot 1956-1997 Staff Photographer
Wang, Ting-Li Virginian-Pilot 1997-early 2000s Intern (1997), Staff Photographer
Williams, Mike Virginian-Pilot, Portsmouth Star  1950s-1980s Staff Photographer
Wong, Henny Virginian-Pilot 1998 Intern
Wong, Liu Kit Virginian-Pilot 1980s-1990s Staff Photographer
Yingling, Robert "Bob" Ledger-Star, Virginian-Pilot 1960s-1970s Staff Photographer
Zopf, Joan Virginian-Pilot 1980s Free-lance photographer