August 1, 2009. by Edgar Zuniga Jr. (CC BY-ND)

Daybreak is a master-planned community on the west side of South Jordan developed by Kennecott Land. Once the entirety of Daybreak is developed, the neighborhood will encompass 36% of the land area of South Jordan City. At full build-out, Daybreak will contain 20,785 residential units, which is 60% of the city's forecasted 35,000 residential units1.


Daybreak is composed of several villages:

Life in Daybreak

Amenities: Parks, Pools, Oquirrh LakeDaybreak Community Center, Community Gardens, Garden Park Clubhouse, Sport Courts

Retail, dining: Soda Row merchant directory

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Land Use Entitlements

Under the master development agreement with South Jordan City, Kennecott Land is entitled2 to the following land use in Daybreak:

Total Acres 4,157
Open Space Acres 1,040
Residential Units 20,785
Retail 3,500,000
Office 5,300,000
Industrial 5,000,000

Sources and Related Links

  2. City of South Jordan Economic Development Strategic Plan