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  • Get a Business Library Card - If you are an owner or employee of a business in Skokie or a member of the Skokie Chamber of Commerce you can use Business Library to connect to Skokie Public Library business resources  from your home or office, and use them to generate leads, map your competition or take classes to sharpen your skills. You can also use your card to reserve the Business & Career Center and sign up for business and technology classes. The Library has a wide range of books and periodicals in its Small Business Collection and online ebooks and magazines to learn the latest business, financial and technology information.
  •  Skokie Public Library Business & Career Center is a great place to meet, work or have events. Book it with your Skokie Public Library Business Library Card and gain access to fabulous space, technology and equipment. Best of all, it is free!

  • Did you know that Skokie Public Library has a dedicated Business Librarian? Contact Terry Ratoff at 847-324-3417 to find out how Skokie Public Library can help you start and run a business.

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