The Bob Jones City to Sea Trail is a shared bike/walking path that, when completed, will run from San Luis Obispo to Avila BeachA popular southern section is complete and leads into Avila Beach. A small and not particularly practical portion of the trail runs alongside the wastewater treatment plant in south San Luis Obispo. Construction on another segment, which will run from the Octagon Barn to Clover Ridge Lane, may begin in 2017.

A group has been formed to promote the completion of the Bob Jones City to Sea Trail, called Friends of the "Bob Jones" City to Sea Trail

Southern Trail

The trailhead of this portion is on Ontario Road, which parallels Highway 101. It is a well-paved county-maintained trail. The trailhead parking lot is located across Ontario Road.

The trail is great for all levels of hiking and biking. It makes for an enjoyable, smooth and (mostly) flat ride with trail benches sprinkled throughout. Dogs are welcome on the trail but please pick up after them!

The Bob Jones Trail wanders next to San Luis Obispo Creek, right behind the Avila Valley Barn fields. It passes the rear of Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School. Enjoy the fields and sycamores and depending on the time of year, you might just catch the the sounds of frogs and flowing water. Hard to believe it's so close to the beach!

Bikers and hikers used to have to try to cross San Luis Bay Drive, but now there is a bridge in place that allows people to go safely under the road without stopping. After passing Woodstone Cafe in the Avila Village, you will wander past the San Luis Bay Estate tennis courts as well as Mediterranean-style mini villas. There is also a small kids' playground with swings and a slide making for a great rest stop with the family. The trail then crosses a bridge over the creek and twists along some hills (this is the not-so-flat part) at the rear of the Avila Beach Resort. Here, the trail merges into the resort's Blue Heron Drive.

This part of the trail quickly levels out again into the beautiful green of the Avila Beach golf course. One more bridge across the creek, the trail will then end at Avila Beach Drive across the road from San Miguel Street.

The crosswalk across the road takes you back into Avila Beach proper. Head down to the beach boardwalk and you'll find Joe Momma's Coffee where you can relax next to the surf and sand before you head back the other direction.

If you're staying in Avila Beach, you can rent bicycles at Joe Momma's Bike Rentals and follow the trail in the other direction ending at Ontario Road. For questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Joe Momma's Bike Rentals at 805.627.1500

Northern Trail

The small completed section of the trail in San Luis Obispo runs from Prado Road to Los Osos Valley Road between San Luis Creek and the Water Resource Recovery Facility (wastewater treatment plant). The Prado Road entrance is marked by a kitschy statue of an American Indian with his arms outstretched beseechingly to the heavens, titled Oh Great Spirit, by Nell Banister Scruggs.

Educational signs about aspects of sewage treatment line the barbed-wire-topped fence along the route, and there is a scenic overlook of the reedy artificial wetlands that represent one stage of the wastewater reclamation process.

The south end of the trail ends abruptly at Los Osos Valley Road directly across from the freeway onramp/offramp.


Future Plans