Albert Newton Cunningham (1859-1940) was a photographer active in San Luis Obispo from 1891 to approximately 1895.


Cunningham was born 23 February 1859 in Indiana.4 He was enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1884 and was a veteran of the Spanish American War. He married Bridget Coyle in San Luis Obispo on 19 January 1893.5 They had two children, Lauretta and Nicholas. A. N. Cunningham died in Alameda County  6 February 1940.4

In San Luis Obispo

Cunningham took over the R. R. R. Holmes Gallery at the corner of Morro and Marsh in 1891.1

It appears that Cunningham may have contributed to the 1894 Tribune Souvenir Edition.3

In April 1895, the Homes Gallery building caught fire and burned down, with a considerable loss for Cunningham.2

Research using the San Luis Obispo newspapers suggest that Cunningham's photography practice wound down after the fire. The last mention found is from when he offered photos at a plaza in Cambria in June 1895.  

After San Luis Obispo

In the 1910 and 1920 census the Cunningham family is listed as living in Hollister, and Cunningham is listed as a photographer. In 1930 he and his wife were living in Ukiah.


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