Bell Farms, located in Coalinga, CA, has been coming to the Thursday Night Farmers' Market for 20 years. Kim, the owner and main farmer has been farming asparagus, pistachios, sweet brooks cherries, melons, and tomatoes all her life on her 68 acre property. "I have been farming all my life; my dad was a farmer. I'm getting older and farming is harder." For coming to the markets, Kim had this to say: "After 20 years, its been fun, we're all a family, we've been working with these people so long". But things aren't so great on the productions side:

"We have a water situation which is making farming harder. I would like people to know about it because we do vote on it. Its not feasible to drill a 1000 foot well. So I don't know what I'm going to do! We always used to rely on our neighbors but now they are down to 20% allocation of water and they don't have enough for us! People just don't know".

Bell Farms' produce is also available at the Arroyo Grande and Morro Bay Farmers' Markets.