Community Café Days are hosted twice a month by Bliss Café as an opportunity for all people in our community to come together to create and share a meal. They are inspired by the intention of moving towards a more equitable and inclusive food system and a more transparent and collaborative business culture. The meals are by donation only, allowing all people to participate and pay whatever they can afford.

One of the Community Café Days of each month is hosted at Bliss Café and will offer one dish as pay-what-you-can. The other Community Café Day of each month will be hosted at Mitchell Park, bringing Bliss Café out into the community. On this day, anyone who wishes to share a meal together, outdoors, in a public space is invited to join for lunch, using the same pay-what-you-can model.

The Community Café Days create a culture around connecting with food and the people who make it. The events offer a deeper way to engage through participating in the process of transforming raw, healthy ingredients into a delicious meal each time we eat. 

Web page: (volunteer sign-up)