Corinne Madison is an Agricultural Communications student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  Originally from Galt, CA, Corinne enjoys singing and dancing, snowboarding, playing and lovin' on her two Australian Shepherds, socializing and learning more about people, and hanging out at any of the beautiful beaches around SLO!  Upon graduating from high school, Corinne had the opportunity to take a year off of school and interned for the Undersecretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture in Sacramento. After being accepted to the college of her dreams (obviously Cal Poly), Corinne decided to make the most of her college experience and is taking advantage of many more incredible opportunities, including SUSTAIN SLOWestern Bonanza, and Central Pacific Ski Club! Corinne is really excited to work with Rory Aronson and Cody Hunt to make wikiSLO go viral throughout SLO!


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