Dan always looks sharp and safe when commuting.Dan, repin' for bikes

Dan Rivoire is the Executive Director at the SLO County Bicycle CoalitionDan joined the coalition in February 2008 as an Americorps member. Through Americorps he devoted twenty hours a week to the organization, development, and expansion of the Bike Valet Program. Since then, Dan has moved up to full time. He coordinated our Valet and Confidence Programs while doing our bookkeeping and accounting behind the scenes. We are pleased that his experience as program and office coordinator has made him intimately familiar with every aspect of our organization. He was named the Executive Director in July of 2009 and will be working tirelessly towards the success of the Coalition.  

Having grown up outside of Chicago, IL Dan spent a lot of time riding around the heavily wooded single-track of the Midwest. As part of a family of cyclists his exposure to bikes has developed into a passion that is difficult to slow. In 2003 Dan arrived in San Luis Obispo to attend Cal Poly State University, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy and minors in Religious Studies and Women's Studies. Dan has worked extensively with the Community Center at Cal Poly as an event planner, administrative assistant, and liaison between students and the county's non-profits.  

These days Dan spends almost all of his free time peddling road, mountain, tall, fixed gear, or commuter bikes. Whenever not on a bike he's probably riding a surfboard, skateboard, or simply traveling on his own two feet. He loves philosophy, culinary arts, world travel, and fraternizing with friends above all else. After all, sharing joy is one of the best things in life. 

Contact Dan: 805-547-2055 or  dan[at]slobikelane.org