Ecologistics means to create a resilient and healthy community for the residents of San Luis Obispo County that is sustainable, both economically and environmentally with programs to:

  • Develop, teach, and disseminate practical and innovative solutions to ecological and ecosystem problems;
  • Develop practical and innovative solutions to foster conservation, restoration, connectivity, and stewardship of ecosystems, watersheds, habitats, and landscapes in harmony with human needs and uses;
  • Consult with and serve as a resource for public agencies and non-profit organizations;
  • Work and network with other non-profit organizations and agencies to popularize innovative solutions to ecological problems and to provide a hub for the sharing of scientific developments and to promote socially responsible and environmentally just institutions; and
  • Develop, conduct, and sponsor programs to provide training in proactive citizenship and leadership.
  • Offer fiscal sponsorship to other groups with projects that align with the above purposes.

Among their projects are Central Coast Bioneers and HomeShare SLO.