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Bee Removals

Do you have a bee hive or swarm that you need removed? Have no worries! We relocate bees in San Luis Obispo County to the care of a local beekeeper. Our removal practices are entirely pesticide free. We work hard to preserve the health and integrity of the hive during removal processes. Our customized equipment is designed to capture the bees unharmed, so that we can reestablish the colony in an apiary bee box. We also remove honey and wax, and treat the site to eliminate the risk of re-infestation.

About Us

The Hakuna Matata Bee Co was started by Max Bigras, Chad Morabito, and Andy Olson, three central coast bee enthusiasts. Max and Chad started working with bees at Cal Poly. Max is spending the summer in North Dakota interning with one of the largest bee keepers in the US. Andy discovered an interest in bees while traveling around Europe and South America working on small organic farms. We all share a marked appreciation and respect for these creatures and their valuable role in the health of our planet. We hope to have a positive impact on our local honey bee population by providing a live removal service, educating community members, and promoting a harmonious coexistence with these amazing insects!

Why We Do It

It’s no secret; bees are an essential member of our global ecosystem. One-sixth of the world’s flowering plants and some 400 species of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains rely on bee pollination. Honey is one of the healthiest and most complex natural sugars. It contains over 75 components and is known to be profoundly healing and and posses youth-preserving properties.

Sadly, honey bee populations throughout the world are severely threatened. Urban sprawl, use of insecticides and herbicides, and genetic weakening caused by commercialized bee practices have fractured, poisoned, and crippled feral bee populations. Problems like the varroa mite and colony collapse disorder continue to pressure wild and domestic bees alike.

Every colony counts. This is why it is so important to relocate rather than exterminate bees when they nest in an inconvenient location. Our practices are gentle, pesticide free, and keep the colony intact. Your bees get a fresh start in a prepared apiary box, and are tended to by a professional keeper.