HopeDance is about pioneers in everything that has to do with the major (and minor) paradigm SHiFTS that are happening and intensifying. We have articles posted at the site that cover: Energy, Happiness, Soul, Transportation, Housing, Money and others,,, We also screen about 9-10 films a month within the borders of SLO County. Some venues include: The Palm, SLO Grange, Atascadero Grange, Amethyst Healing Center, Steynberg Gallery, Trinity Church (Los Osos), Dancing Deer, Unity SMaria. FiLMs include transformational shift-like films from Sustainability to Farming to Metaphysics to Health to Money. Some outstanding films of recent have included MONEY AND LIFE, AWAKEN: SOUL TO SOUL, CHOICE POINT, THE LIVING MATRIX, THE SECRET OF TESLA, OCCUPY LOVE, ELECTRONIC AWAKENING.....

Please visit www.hopedance.org for all details or visit us on

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hopedance or the

FiLMs facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/groups/HDanceFiLMs