Captain John (Juan) D. Wilson (1798-1861) a Scottish sea captain and trader, and an emigrant to San Luis Obispo.

Wilson was born June 16, 1798 in Dundee, Scotland. He came to California in 1837 with his business partner James Scott, first spending time as a merchant in Santa Barbara. 

He married  Maria Ramona Carrillo de Pacheco in 1836. Their children included Ramona Hilliard (1839-1912), Juana Castro, Maria Ignacia Wilson, and John Diego Wilson. Governor Romauldo Pacheco (1831-1899) was the son of Maria Ramona Carrillo de Pacheco and stepson of Wilson.

Wilson bought Mission San Luis Obispo with his business partner James Scott in 1845. He build a two-story residence next to the Mission in 1845 (now the site of the History Center/Carnegie Library). He owned significant property in San Luis Obispo County. He owned, with his business partner James Scott, the Rancho Los Guilicos in Sonoma County and  Rancho Cañada de los Osos y Pecho y Islay and Rancho El Chorro. Wilson separately purchased Rancho San Luisito in 1859 (including the Hollister Adobe) and Rancho Huerta de Romauldo (1846) and owned the Victor Linares adobe in the Los Osos Valley.

He died October 13, 1861.

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