Lee Mason Fitzhugh (1877-1937) was a San Luis Obispo photographer, who later became a Arizona architect.

Newspapers suggest that Fitzhugh originally came to San Luis Obispo as photographer with the Garden City Foto Company in 1899 and 1900 at a tent gallery on Higuera Street.By 1900 he was listed under his own name and in 1901 moved to a studio on Garden Street.7, 6

He was the brother of the architect Thornton Fitzhugh, who designed the First Presbyterian Church in San Luis Obispo.8

By 1902 he was advertising as "fotographer" at his studio on Garden Street. In 1904 relocating to 957 Monterey Street.2, 3, 5

His Garden Street studio was next occupied by Harold McCurry in 1904 (who was related to the building's owner J. M. McCurry), and his Monterey Street studio was succeeded by Frank Aston in 1906.4


  • L. M. Fitzhugh, Photographer
  • Fitzhugh, Fotographer
  • Fitzhugh Studio

After San Luis Obispo

After 1906 Fitzhugh moved to Southern California, and later moved to Phoenix, Arizona and worked as an architect, first of Fitzhugh & Fitzhugh with his brother Thornton Fitzhugh, and later with Fitzhugh & Byron.



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