It all began back in 1984 when Linnaea Phillips had the desire to create a gathering place for conversation, music, social events and of course the sharing of food and drink. With the help of many friends, her vision of a classic coffee house became a reality.

When you are out back in our Garden look down. Linnaea had a “brick party” where bricks were brought in by the community (everyone has a brick or two laying around was Linnaea’s thought) and each brick had the persons name fired on to it. The San Luis Obispo community helped lay the groundwork for Linnaea’s Café and that beginning created the energy and feeling that is Linnaea’s Café today.

Twenty three years later, Linnaea sold the café to her long time manager, Marianne Orme who was, and still is, dedicated to keeping Linnaea’s the eclectic and welcoming center of San Luis Obispo’s coffee house culture.

The Piano

Linnaea's has a piano. Anyone is free to play it. In 2014, there are some pianists who frequently perform:

  • Pianist 1: A middle aged man, known for his hyper-emotional variations on Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag" and "The Entertainer", Beethoven's "Fur Elise", and Tchaikovsky's "June" from "Seasons". He once was told to play quieter, effectively constraining his creativity for the rest of that day.
  • Pianist 2: A college student known for his lengthy, expressive impromptu piano solos.

The Linnaea's staff is usually happy to turn down the music for you to play. 

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